July 3 Birthday Characteristics

July 3 Cancer Birthday

YOUR SIGN - Cancer



YOUR RULERS - Moon, Mars.

July 3 - Birthday Interpretation.

The July 3 Cancer birth date identifies with an individual who has a fantastic amount of personal drive and willpower. These are qualities that very quickly become obvious to the people they encounter in life.

As a June 3, you have a supreme confidence and an inherent quality of determination that, at times, can seem to materialize in the form of an overwhelming force. You must take care however, to ensure that you do not cause undue damage to others who might be on, or who may stray upon your path.

The June 3 is both a responsible and practical type of person who, once they have identified an objective, are more than capable of achieving that objective in a progressive planned, and disciplined manner.

Ironically, you can project to others the image of one who is driven purely for material reward when, in reality, the sense of a satisfactory achievement is for more paramount for you than any form of financial or material gain.  

At night, your mind can be very active indeed in the form of dreams and thought patterns that will generally relate to the events of your day. When you awake you should endeavor to give some time to remember those nighttimes thoughts as they can help to give you a greater insight and understanding of past events.

As a July 3, you have a mind that has the ability for swift recall of events, both of a positive or negative nature. As example, experiences of a happy nature and those of adverse or insult. For the July 3, negative first impressions can be difficult to dismiss and forget.

You have a great sense of humor including that of the ludicrous, and as result, you are the type of person who can just as easily laugh at yourself as well as at others. 

As a July 3 birth date, you can have the tendency to be far more objective in relation to others, than you are so when it comes to yourself. You have the inherent ability to identify and understand the meaning in events that arise in the lives of your friends and associates. As result of this quality, you can find that others are likely to be drawn to you as a natural confidante and counselor.

Irrespective of the measure of your daily workload in life, it is relatively essential that you give due attention to your health and make time for rest and leisure activities.

Influences associated with this July 3 birth date, identifies with a hobby or leisure activity of an artistic nature. You might like to consider something that can involve the outdoors, painting for example. The painting of landscapes could prove beneficial in that you can enjoy the fresh environment of the outdoors while at the same time exercising your creative talents in the detailed re-creation of natural beauty.

Midnight blue, deep purples, silver and pale yellow are colors that will attract those of the July 3 birth date.

Where may you wish to calm down any feelings of impatience or urgency, then consider wearing something that involves shades of blue.

Amethyst is a gemstone that should appeal to you, perhaps in a jewellery form. Bluish-white chalcedony can help settle feelings of hidden aggression and citrine can help focus your mind. 

On the home front, your home is your castle and the centerpiece of your life.

You should consider aiming for an in-home décor that projects a certain degree of success. As example, oak wood furniture is an excellent choice for the July 3 because of, its association with sturdiness’ and strength, and it projects and image of certainty and worth.

White is a color that can help to boost your energies, so consider utilizing that color in your bedroom for example. Consider white walls or off-white, with a bedding setting of same color and, perhaps incorporating some silvery designs woven into the material. Since we all tend to spend a fair portion of our life in bed, so will you be exposed to the energy influences of this color?

As a July 3, you have the abilities to be a good cook, and so the kitchen will be a place for you to create some imaginative dishes. You will be one who will enjoy owning some restaurant-quality kitchenware and appliances to support your culinary skills. Soups, soufflés and Dairy dishes could rank among your favorite recipes.

You are certainly one who will hold a great interest in, and even treasure, items and objects that are representative of the past. As result, you are likely to build up a considerable collection of items of sentimental value to you. These might take the form of items passed down through your family such as furniture, photographs and jewellery, and treasured items from your childhood such as that favorite penknife or childhood doll.

Indoor plants are likely to be a particular prominent feature in the home of the July 3.

Outdoors, the July 3 will enjoy rural environments that include water. Lake areas, rivers, streams and sea views for example.

Fishing could well be an ideal recreation as an activity to enjoy the peace and quite of a natural setting.

Gardening could be a pleasure for you as there are indications that you could have a “green thumb” when it comes to cultivation matters.

As a July 3 you will gain great interest and pleasure as you watch new plant growth sprouting into life and developing into full-blown flowers or vegetable. You might even like processing and bottling some of your own produce.

Water is an important element for those of the Cancer sign, so that where possible you should consider having some form of water feature in the garden. A fishpond with fish and water lilies would be ideal

With the planet Mars co-ruling with this particular Cancer birth date, you might like to include some area and utilities in order to practice some form of invigoration sporting activity. This can be a place in which you can burn off any aggressive energy that might build up.

Your special magic numbers are 10 and 5.

The third day of the seventh month reduces to ten, and the number ten represents that of the completed processes and the perfect embodiment of the cycle. Ten also reduces to one, automatically seeding the next cycle of expression.

The 185th day of the year reduces to five, and the number five adds the important element of adaptability to your path in life.



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