July 19 Birthday Characteristics

July 19 Cancer Birthday

YOUR SIGN - Cancer



YOUR RULERS - Moon, Jupiter, Neptune.

July 19 - Birthday Interpretation.

The July 19 Cancer birth date, identifies with an individual who has a very sharp mind, and with a potential to aspire to high intellectual achievement.

Certain qualities associated with this July 19 birth date, suggests that you have the inherent ability to achieve great things in life. 

You should take some caution however; to avoid any danger of over committing your energy and resources into any undertaking that might have the likelihood of resulting in no beneficial result.

The July 18 birth date path in life is one of cultivating your sense of judgment in order that you can identify that of real worth and value. 

This will necessitate being able to delve deep behind that which may appear apparent, to discover truth and reality.

Only then will you begin to understand your own real worth, will you be able to be express your particular uniqueness.

As a July 18, you are one who will need a strong financial foundation in life, and not only for your own senses of well being, but also to prove to others that you have what it takes to achieve something worthwhile in this life.

Your inherent drive can at times become all encompassing, and as result, the pressure can make you tense, nervy and very sensitive to the degree that, you can become angry, reactionary and quite harsh with yourself, and often without any really good reason.  

On such occasions you might like to consider whether or not you are favoring your material ambitions above those other values that may be of more worth in life such as family, friends and health for example.

Some qualities associated with this July 19 birth date identify with an inherent desire for a communication with the elements of nature; the mountains, lakes, forests and the sea for example.

To cater for this need in life, consider giving some of your time to the natural environment of the great outdoors. Such outdoor activities can not only provide you with more balance in your life, but also encourage and inspire your sense for great personal achievement.

For some born on this July 19 birth date, there can be a tendency to experience quite strong reactions to the highs and lows in their lives. 

Irrespective, you are one who is likely to enjoy the lively feelings and the heightened awareness that that a situation of intensity can generate.

Other influences associated with this birth date indicate that you are likely to have a somewhat unselfish approach to life, and as result, it would not be unusual to find a July 19 involved in some form of beneficial social activity. 

You have good communication skills that could prove invaluable to many such organizations.

Aquamarine, silver-gray and ginger relate well to the July 19 birth date, and in particular, the various shades of green and blue can contribute to your sense for peace and tranquility.

Citrine and turquoise are gemstones to calm your mind, but when you have the need to sharpen your thought patterns, you should keep a fire opal gemstone about you.

On the home front, the July 19 will be comfortable in a home that provides for a sense for luxury. 

Curved shapes will tend to appeal to you rather than that of the straight and angular. And this preference is likely to be expressed though your choice of interior home design and furnishings. A wrap round or sectional type sofa with chairs of similar nature for example, can provide for that preference. 

Houseplants are likely to be a comforting must for the July 19, and you should endeavor to include plenty lush green plant life within your home.

To cater for the water element influence in your birth date you should include some water element items or images about the home. 

These might take the form of pictures of lake lands and seascapes or, an actual in home water feature, such as an aquarium of goldfish.

As a July 19 you are likely to have an inherent interest in both, general historical matters, and those of your family. 

A library of rare or antique books would not be unusual for the July 19, together with some special place to hold those family history items of particular sentimental value.

Many July 19 take pleasure in cooking, and in particular, those of the more dainty type desert dishes. For those who do, cooking can be both an interesting and calming activity.  

On the out doors front, the July 19 will enjoy places that have water flows in form of lakes and rivers. 

You like shade rather than brilliant sunlight, and will like nothing more than residing beneath a shady tree alongside a river, lake or seaside setting.

Farming and farmlands can appeal to your senses so that a stay at a farm now and then could prove to be both interesting, and restorative mentally.

In the garden, your more practical nature could favor you cultivating more in the way of vegetable than flowers. That does not imply that you do not like, or take pleasure, from the beauty of flowers.

Vegetable that could prove of particular interest to the July 19 are squash, pumpkin, cauliflower, cabbage, carrots, beans and peas.

Some flowers for you as a July 19 are those of the night bloomers, and some water lilies whether growing in a garden pond or some other ornamental garden water feature.

Your special magic numbers are 8 and 3.

The nineteenth day of the seventh month reduces to eight, and the number eight represents that of rhythm, vibration, and evolution.

The 201st day of the year reduces to three, and the number three adds the quality of growth and natural development to your life path.

At your best, you can follow the root cause of a certain sign, event or activity back to its initial source. As example, consider a detective investigating and delving to into the past to discover the causes that lead up to a criminal event. 


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