July 17 Birthday Characteristics

July 17 Cancer Birthday

YOUR SIGN - Cancer



YOUR RULERS - Moon, Neptune.

July 17 - Birthday Interpretation.

As a July 17 Cancer birth date, you will find that in general, the world will look favorably upon you, and that there is a tendency for life to look after you, rather than putting up challenges and resistances to your potential for success.

Influences associated with this July 17 birth date indicate that you have that inherent ability to be able to focus upon, and to stick to, your goals in life. 

You are endowed with not only a very fast thinking mind, but also excellent skills manually. 

The manner, in which such qualities are ultimately applied, will vary for different people according to the avenues they pursue in their lives.

As a July 17 you are endowed with a rebellious streak that will support your desire for individually. 

You will be resistant to any form of psychological or physical restriction imposed upon you, however, you should not confuse that of the process of maturing with a need to abandon one’s sense of individuality.

The July 17 is one who not only works hard, but one will also hold a desire to stamp their own unique mark upon the world by endeavoring to make it a better place in which to live.

From your experiences to date you might already be recognizing this process in your life through some activity that is involving you in the process of helping others to develop their own potential.

Teaching is one profession that can be a natural outlet for your skills, and you are likely to favor those subjects that will provide people with those more practical and necessary life skills.

With your July 17 inherent focus in life upon how to improve upon life, you are likely to be comparatively successful in the world of commerce. 

Commercial activities in the arenas of trade, business administration, financial growth or money management would be just  some of such professional activities to fit the bill for you.

There are certain associations related to this birth date to indicate an interest in the arts and, in particular that of music. A keyboard instrument in the form of a piano might prove worthy of your artistic musical interest.

The July 17 tends to project a fun like atmosphere so that life with you is always a lot of fun. There are times however, when life with you can seem to be extremely exciting on the one hand, but also somewhat unsettling or unnerving on the other.

There is a characteristic of your nature whereby you have a tendency to drop unforeseen surprises upon others. 

As example, this might take the form of organizing a surprise for someone or, you suddenly announcing to the surprise of all, that you are moving home and job to a nationwide location or even to another country.

A descriptive expression for the July 17 is that of one who can move around, carry their home on their back, and become quite comfortable at whatever point they find themselves. 

The path in life of the July 17 is that of aligning with the opposing powers of nature. As example, water in the form of rain will revitalize the earth to generate new life, whereas water in torrents can result in flooding and destruction.

For you it is necessary that you learn to harness and utilize the potential of power in order to apply it in a worthwhile manner.

Once you can start to channel and direct those forces of power in your nature, you can be capable of accomplishing miracles.

Green, white, scarlet and red are colors compatible with the July 15 date and, in particular, consider wearing something in red when you feel that you need to energize your spirit.

Obsidian and fire opal are gemstones for the July 17 and, if you would like something to help to speed up your mental process, consider wearing a piece of jewellery that incorporates an image or images of an arrow.

On the home front, the July 17 will favor quality older style design furniture that projects a somewhat debonair effect. 

In general you will prefer some darker color features within your décor and bluish grays and navy colors would be suitable for you.

Family heirlooms and other such family historical items will be of particular interest to keep due to their very real sentimental value for you

An aquarium or a terrarium, with its water influence can provide both an interesting and peaceful influence to your senses.

To cater for those special times when you may need a little solitude consider reserving once place or room about your home as your own personal retreat.

On the out doors front, the July 17 will enjoy a rural environment near some source of water, a pond, lake or river etc. 

You do have an affinity with high lofty trees so that a setting that includes some pine trees and water with some form of shady area will be a perfect place for you to sit back and to plan out your next adventure or campaign in life.

In keeping with your ruling element of water, some form of water area in the garden should be considered, whether a small in ground pond or an off-the-shelf water reticulating garden ornament.

A screened off patio area incorporating some shady corner is a perfect environment to laze away the summer days and evenings.

Your special magic numbers are 6 and 1.

The seventeenth day of the seventh month reduces to six, and the number six includes the qualities of beauty, harmony, and that of the balancing of opposites and extremities, or the ability to reconcile adversaries and volatile situations.

The 199th day of the year reduces to one, and the number one adds the aspect of singleness of purpose, a quality necessary to enable you to utilize these forces at will and, to be able to do so for beneficial purposes.   

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